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About my religion / Articles of Faith

Many of you have been wondering what “Mormons” or LDS people believe in. To sum it all up we have 13 “Articles of faith” that describe our religion and they are listed below. You can get more information here on the articles … Continue reading

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What is Christmas really about?

Sometimes things are just rough. Sometimes… Life can be hard. Family’s split up. People lose jobs. People lose loved ones. Pets get lost or pass on. Vehicles break down. House payments are missed. Neighbors are not neighborly. People preach to help others yet … Continue reading

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What’s your outlook?

To save some time I will make a long story short. My husband accidentally hit my car this morning and ended up driving it to work instead of his truck, leaving me to drive my brother’s car today.  I still … Continue reading

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So… you’re tired

So… you’re tired Friend, I soooo get it. Really, I do. You have a busy life, busy job, maybe even a second busy job, children, and family that love you and demand your attention when in your presence. Your world … Continue reading

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