I Just Can’t. . .

Hello friends!

I have been so busy with life. I feel like each time I post, I always say that I’ll try to do better about posting more, and the intention is there; but the time isn’t.

Today was hard, and that’s an understatement.

I work a full-time job, another job on monday nights after work, and also for an auctioneer as needed to run his office during sales. Today he had a sale, and I showed up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing this morning and was ready to work. I got to about 2pm today and decided I needed a nap. However that was not an option. So, I pressed on. A ten-hour work shift later and 35 minute drive home and I still hadn’t done my daily work out challenge, gone to the grocery, or gotten to catch up on General Conference for my church. You can watch for your self if your interested here. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2015/04?lang=eng

I want you to think about when you don’t work out for 7 months, and you start back up. You’re body just does not cooperate. Everything hurts. I just started back again on Thursday  and on top of working out, I have a daily challenge. Thursdays challenge was 50 squats, 15 sec wall sit, 15 sec plank. Yesterday’s challenge was 60 squats, 30 sec wall sit, 30 sec plank. . .  which brinhttp://www.mormon.orggs us to today, tonight really. Todays challenge is 75 squats, 1 min wall sit, 30 sec plank. Let me remind you that I JUST started working out again Thursday. MY body is literally jello. Not wanting to cooperate even with walking, I almost have to crawl going up 5 steps to get in to my house. . .  yes it is hilarious to watch, I would laugh myself but everything hurts. I thought to myself I can’t do anything, let alone 75 squats!

But I recently saw a Nike slogan that said, “Dont let you, stop you”.

And I didn’t. I rode my dirt bike to the back of the property next to the pond. Focused on relaxing and stretching, and I did 75 “Bleeping” squats. . . A little tid bit you should know is that if your really sore and ride your dirt bike to beyond sight anyone can see, have 20 min of forcing yourself to use every bit of energy you have left into this “daily challenge”, you will not be able to start your dirt bike, your will borderline cry, you will pray to God to help you start it, he will, and then you will pull yourself back together.

Dont’ stand in your own way. Free yourself!

Friends, if you want to work out – do it. Don’t let the pain stop you. What ever it is that is standing in your way of what you’re trying to accomplish wether it be tackling the laundry in your house, or going back to school, or paying off a car. Whatever it is. Don’t settle for working toward your goal another day. Start today.

I know that I have faith in myself to do or become what ever it is I am meant to be. But it is because I have strong faith in my creator that I am who I am. God is so good. Even when you have so much on your plate and you feel like you just can’t handle it. God can, and he can help you. It is my testimony that as we follow Gods commandments for us, and are obedient to him and what he asks of us, our faith will grow. He will see into our heart and change our lives, if we let him. I have faith in myself, because I have faith in him. If you would like to learn more about my church, you can do so here, http://www.mormon.org you can also find a church near you here https://www.lds.org/maps/?lang=eng&cid=HP14FAM#ll=2.445203,-0.879988&z=6&m=google.road&tools=help

with love,


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