It’s okay to be done.

Hey friends,

I have been super busy with life, as I am sure you all are too. I have a new addition to our family! He is 13 weeks old, German Shepherd/Husky mix “with a hint of chow” whatever that means. His name is Grisley!

unnamedHe is already potty trained and loves to be outside. He loves to play with toys and sleep for hours (literally). I could go on for days about him because I am just so in love with him, but let’s get to the real blog post. The one that is supposed to be motivational and inspire you… to let go. ❤

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I am personally having a hard time with this topic in particular, and I thought these picture’s were perfect.

Lets give this person a “name”… I’ll go with Gretchen.

We all have a Gretchen don’t we. We all have that one person or could be a few people that we try really hard to be friends with. For whatever reason, we try to build long lasting friendships and always end up feeling used, abused, unappreciated or whatever it is for you. But, we all have a Gretchen in our lives at some point.

Personally, with my Gretchen I have tried and tried and tried and I am not going to put myself through it anymore. I have been through so much stress and hurt by trying to be in “Gretchen’s” life and honestly, I am just flat out done.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never say bad things about “Gretchen,” or be mean to her or judge her in any way for treating me like she does; because that’s not who I am and its no ones place to judge another for any reason, that is God’s job. I will continue to be nice and polite when I see her, however I am not obligated to have a relationship with this person. So why am I beating myself up over it? Why am I trying so hard? Why wont I give up?

The answer is: that’s just who I am. I want to try my hardest and never give up on anyone, especially a person. However, I think its finally time to raise my white flags.

I would like to leave you with some original quotes.

” There comes a point in life, where you need to look at yourself and say : I don’t deserve this.  It’s okay to be done. Its okay to stop trying. “


” Be kind to others, but more importantly, be kind to yourself. “

A motto in my life that I have always lived by is have no regrets. I can honestly sit back and name countless times I have really tried, and I mean I tried with all my might to be friends/build a friendship with Gretchen. In the future I can look back and say I will not regret this decision to be done, and to stop trying. I am someone who constantly looks at the bigger picture, its a blessing and a curse. It keeps my eyes ahead  but also makes it hard to live “in the moment”.

Friends, I am always here for you. If there are any topics anyone would like me to post on please comment below. I hope this blog helps you in some way. I know it has helped me get through some tough times and I share my experiences and lessons learned with you all. I hope I can help someone else learn from my lessons in life, so they don’t have to go through them as well.

With Love,


Feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you’d like, it will share the post:

It’s okay to be done.

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