It’s been a while. . .


Hello friend, its been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been very busy with lots going on in my life. However, to be completley honest (whichI always have been when writing) I’m not doing the greatest right now. I could humor you with a pitty party for myself, but i’ll save you the trouble of trying to follow along what all is possibly going wrong. However  when I laid down togo to sleep tonight, I found myself praying tonight for an easier battle, for a better day tomorrow, to feel better, to feel uplifted, to not have to fight so damn hard all the time (it seems).

But I would like to focus on my first request of my heavenly father… for an easier battle.

How many times have I prayed for this latley? Too many to count. But for some reason tonight I was thinking that maybe I should be greatful for this battle, or like what seems to be 15 battles made into one.

I should be grateful that I have the knowledge of the Gospel to help me get through tough times and low places.

Friend, I am going to pray for both of us tonight, for better tomorrows, and to see ourselves as he (God) see’s us.

As I sit here in my bed tonight, while my husband is asleep laying next to me, I came to the realization that I have everything I will ever need right here in my bed. Okay, for you sticklers, no I couldn’t survive a week with the items in my bed, heck, I might make it a few days before starvation killed me.

However, with God, and my husband by my side, I can survive anything this life throws at me.

With MUCH Love,


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