I Will Choose To Be Graftful

Lately a lot has been going on in our lives. I mean a LOT. For starters…

If you have read the Meet Tara blog post than you would know that me and my husband have just bought a repossessed home from the bank and it needs lots of love. We purchased it in late September and spent the past 3 months busting our butts (along with our family) on the house trying to get as much done as possible so we can move in. In the mean time we are living with my parents and working full time and working on the house when we get off work to try to get it done. However there has been so much going on that no one has been able to work on the house since before Christmas, except for putting in a pocket door in our bathroom. So I feel like it is just going no where.

Justin has worked late every night, working on our vehicles – we had 3 oil changes all due at the same time, tires for 2 vehicles that needed to be put on and his truck needed some front end work done. Which thankfully is all done now except for my car that still needs a tune up, belt and transmission fluid. Ahhh the joys of adulthood.

I feel like it has been since last Sunday that I’ve gotten to see him and just spend time together. I really just miss my husband. I think I could literally just hold him for days.

However, I will choose to be grateful.


I am grateful that my wonderful husband is such an amazing mechanic that has so much talent in his field and he doesn’t even realize it. I am grateful we had the funds to buy necessary items to properly maintain our vehicles. I am thankful we bought tires for my car back when they were cheap because I needed them badly this week. I am grateful my husband’s father has a large shop with a lift so he can work on our vehicles comfortably.

I am grateful we have a home. We have what is becoming a lovely home and I can’t wait to live there and start a family someday. I am thankful we have my parents who welcomed us back into their home with open arms and are happy to have us living with them. I am thankful for Justin’s parents who are the masterminds on how to remodel our house.

I am thankful for having reliable jobs. I am so grateful that we both love our jobs and enjoy working and can support ourselves. That’s not an easy task in this economy. I am thankful for having steady work and health benefits at our jobs. I am grateful that we like our co-workers, also not an easy task for everyone.

Most importantly I am thankful for my husband. He is such a wonderful man and a caring person. He loves me to the core and I him. I thank the Lord every day and night for him. He is my everything, everything I do is for him, although that sounds cheesy, its true. Our honeymoon will never be over, because we choose love. At all times, when it is so easy to choose frustration or anger, we choose love instead.

I would like to add that we always thank our Heavenly Father for our blessings AND burdens. We are thankful for the burdens because those are what make us stronger and become more thankful people when we overcome them. Just remember all you need to do is pray to ask for Heavenly Fathers help.

I wanted to write to share with my viewers that I am not perfect, I have troubles, and things that happen that bring me down, and get lonely at times. However our outlook is everything. . . You can be happy if you choose to, the situation is the same either way. I often write about topics that I directly struggle with and am working through myself. I just hope my view helps you in some way.

#behappy #begrateful #bethankful

With Love,


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