Creativity Takes Courage

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Tis the season for change. We all want to change a multitude of things in our lives don’t we? We might want to change our eating habits, maybe start exercising, saving more money, starting families, buying new cars or houses, maybe grow closer to God, or even start new careers. Everyone wants something different for themselves for the new year. But friends why do we wait until January 1 every year to re-evaluate ourselves? If I am not happy with my life why don’t I re-evaluate it right then instead of waiting? I found a quote I really REALLY like. “It only takes one person to change your life: YOU”.

It seems like we always wait (myself included) for something to come around to change us, for a good sermon at church, for a raise, for anything.  If we want a change in our life we need to reach out and make that change.

For example, I love to paint, I love to help others, and I love to try to be inspiring to help others. So, I started my blog, hoping I could reach out and help others with things they struggle with by telling people what I am or have struggled with and telling them how I got through it.

However the painting part didn’t come until about 2 weeks ago. Friends, if you don’t know me, know that I can not draw and aren’t particularly artistically inclined. But I still decided to give it a shot and find a picture and maybe mimic it. Just something to get me out of my comfort zone a little bit and give myself time to be truly creative. I ended up combining 2 pictures into one, and I LOVED the outcome. I think it is beautiful and I plan to put it in our new home somewhere.

After I got my confidence up a bit, I decided to do something different. Something I envisioned and have my own idea for the second painting. It took me one day to do the back ground and let it dry, another day to do another part and let it dry and the third day to finish it. I can’t tell you how happy painting makes me, it is something I truly enjoy and time spent enjoying yourself is never wasted.

I have become more confident in myself since I started my blog and started painting. I waited so long to start my blog and start painting because I was scared of failing. I didn’t want to start a blog because I thought people wouldn’t like it, people wouldn’t want to read it and I would get negative comments about how silly or stupid it was. Also with the painting, I didn’t want to paint something and have everyone look at it and not like it or say that it looks like their 5 year old could do that and make me feel itty bitty.

But, then I saw this picture.


and I thought to myself. . .  Yes it does, it is so hard to really try at something, I mean really give it your all because there are so many “debbie downers” out there that are just looking to put you down.

But you cant always worry about what everyone thinks, and you can’t always be open to criticism. Do what you enjoy whatever that may be, and know that I am behind you and are cheering you on! Life is so short and we should really enjoy it. We should be happy, and do things we love, and be unafraid of what others will think about us doing what we want.

I pray for confidence in all my readers and for you to have trust in yourself that you can truly do whatever you want. You just need courage and confidence that no one can bring you down, unless you let them.

With Love,


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