New Year, New Blog Format!


Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful New Years Eve. Please be safe out there and remember to always have a DD if your out drinking. If you are out and about tonight drinking and you’ve realized your DD is also drinking; please call a cab or if your a friend of mine and have my personal info call me and I will come get you.

I updated my blog for several reasons. I didn’t like that you had to scroll all they way to the bottom, and pass every single post just to see the archives, recent post, categories, tags and follow buttons. Also it looked a little crowded to me with the post’s taking the full screen, and I think with the new layout it seems more clean and crisp. There are more changes to come if I can just play with it a little longer to figure out how to work it (this is my first blog and I am very new to this).

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog but it probably wont be until I can think of something really really good. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my posts and know that I always feel inspired when I write a post. If I don’t feel inspired, I don’t write.

I would really like to get to know my readers so I can get an idea for my audience. If you don’t mind answering the poll questions below I would really appreciate it.

With Love,


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One Response to New Year, New Blog Format!

  1. rebecca beavin says:

    Like your blog! Happy New Year!


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