Dealing with negative people

I know someone struggling with this right now and thought I should create a post on it.

You know, some people are mean, rude, negative, obnoxious and I am sure this list can go on and on. How do you deal with people like this? What if they work with you? What if its your neighbor? What if it’s a friend?

People become negative for so many reasons. Some people have really hard lives growing up and take “being soft” for weakness. Some are going through really tough times (for example family deaths or divorce). Some may have a bad home life and just take it out on anyone they can.

But know that truly happy people aren’t mean to other happy people. Don’t let anyone ever turn you in to a negative or mean person. Life is so beautiful and should be enjoyed.


If this is someone who acts this way all the time to everyone, I would just try to avoid them. If this is someone you have to be in contact with or if you think its only you they are like this to read below.

I don’t quite know how to tell you to deal with them, so I will just tell you what I would do.

First, if they were mean or rude I would simple ask, “Have I done something to offend you, you act like your mad at me”. Some people don’t realize the toll they are taking on others by being rude or hateful. That way after you ask, you will know for sure if they are being how they are because of something you did, or if they are just taking it out on you. By asking a question like this you are nicely asking them why they are acting like they are to you, and telling them that you don’t like it.

If you don’t say something and let it continue, eventually you will be bitter and rude towards them and possible other standby’s which will then turn, be bitter towards you and so the cycle continues. .

If they say it is something you’ve done, then you two should probably have a conversation about that to resolve it. If its something else, be the nice one, ask if there is anything you can do to help (whether it be letting them vent or whatever their needs may be). Chances are if you are being honestly nice and caring and genuinely asking to help them they might re-evaluate themselves and try harder to not take it out on you.

Like I said, I am not sure if this will work or not but its worth a shot. I am not telling anyone to be a push over or let people be mean to you, but generally when your kind to others, they are kind to you, I know that is not always the case but it has worked for me in the past. When you ask this question, don’t come at them with attitude and sarcasm. Be genuine.

I have a poll below that will tell you the answers others have chosen. It is fixed so you are allowed to choose 2 answers.


I hope this blog post helps you with what you are going through.

With Love,



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