So… you’re tired

So… you’re tired

Friend, I soooo get it. Really, I do. You have a busy life, busy job, maybe even a second busy job, children, and family that love you and demand your attention when in your presence. Your world seems non stop and spinning in all different circles and some days you’re not so sure you will make it to tomorrow to even get through it when it comes all too early and only a few short hours from now. After all you still have things to do today.

When we are looking at our lives as obstacles, and life’s blessings as challenges, and our families as burdens… What life are we living? We aren’t living in the past, present, or future. Were living in a different dimension. We are taking our life for granted and aren’t really living at all. Even with all the chaos in your life, you can get past this. You can get past today, you can get past tomorrow, and you can make it to next week.

However, it might not be a piece of cake and you might have to try to have good days sometimes. But my friend, baby steps is what you need. When we wake up in the morning with lists longer than hours in the day, and you know once you start you wont be stopping until many many hours later here’s what you should do. When you open your eyes in the morning, thank the lord above for your life, thank him for your job, for your family, or for a place to call home. Thank our lord for life’s simplest blessings because my friend, they are truly blessings. On your way to work every morning for one week thank the lord for the sunrise that he provides every day, for the beautiful tree coloring, for having transportation to a job or taking your children to school so they don’t have to ride the bus. After your week is over re-evaluate yourself and see if you feel like a more positive person.

Try to see the positive in all the negative. It might be hard at first, but it will get easier with time. This life is so beautiful and so amazing. Friend, you are amazing, please know that you can do this, you’re not alone, and I am here praying for you.

With Love,


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One Response to So… you’re tired

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Yes, I’m TIRED! Lol. Wow, for a woman who doesn’t have any children yet, sounds like you know about the craziness of life! Lol. It seems as if you’ve read my mind. I never looked at life that way, but that’s exactly how I feel! Yes, I’m tired… It’s hard to see the positive in all the negative in this world today. Yet it’s true, life is so BEAUTIFUL. And it’s wonderful to know that your praying for me, because I’m praying for you too. 🙏. Love, Mom


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